KILLAWATT Baby! Let’s celebrate Rihanna’s Dirty Thirty

Happy FREAKING Birthday RiRi!!!

Yo Folks! Pop Star DIVA Rihanna just turned 30 and decided to launch her a Limited Edition FENTY product on this occasion. Every one LOVES Rihanna I mean, she is the singer of the century (acc. to me) and a fashion icon. Remember the famous meme of “It’s ULGY until Rihanna decide it’s NOT”, totally Hilarious.


By the way, Bad RiRi’s new love is honestly GOALS, a Saudi Price they say! Moving on, we are here to talk about the NEW Killawatt, not Hassan Jameel (her BF in the image). 😉 I came across this shimmery product while messing around on Instagram and FULLSTOP. The moment my eyes me DIRTY THIRTY’s packaging I knew I wanted ONE so damn bad.


But HOW? And that’s the same question millions of you are asking right now and I got the answer to it. This HIGHLIGHTER has been on my wishlist since FOREVER. Rihanna in case you are reading this I LOVE YOU GIRL (I love Fenty products too, you know [WINK!]). Yeah, I just winked in CAPS! This is weightless as well as a long-wear creamy powder hybrid highlighters that range from subtle dayglow to insanely supercharged.


To order it go to Fenty Beauty’s Official website and add this freestyle highlighter to your cart and pay $34 for this BABY. Killawatt TROPHY WIFE variant in 3D Hyper-Metallic Gold shade is a BEST seller product by Fenty Beauty.

Thank You So Much For Ready Everyone!!!

P.S. – You like it? Then LIKE it! Jeez, do I have to tell you everything. Peace Out… 🙂 

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