UNICORN POTION Nail Enamel by Nykaa

Oh My Lord! Nykaa you really need to chill…

Hello, my little talkers with a cheeky tone! Feeling GREAT today? You wanna know what I am feeling – a whole lot of emotions. But enough about me let’s talk about what’s new in town. First, I need to apologize this post was meant to be LIVE yesterday but my lazy-ass was sleep-deprived so you know.

This blog features the LATEST Nail Enamel that Nykaa has added to their nail products range. I am super excited about all these launches that Nykaa is doing in every week or 2 but on the other hand. I want to ask their team or whoever: You Good, Bro? Like seriously, this online shopping platform is creating up a STORM and there’s nothing you can do but be impressed.


No Fam, Nykaa is not paying me any money for writing good stuff about them (I wish, huh!). These are my real and genuine thoughts till now. 😉 Approximately 24 hours back Nykaa dropped ‘Unicorn Potion’ Nail Enamels, all FIVE shades look absolutely MAGICAL. I mean looking at those pictures almost everyone will fall in LOVE with these pointy things.

These are available in 5 shades which are:


Frosted Fairy: Glittering fairy dust and fairy wings, makes any girl dream of magical things! This purple hue with pink and purple iridescent pearl gives the effect of having pixie dust on your tips.

Pink Pony: In our world, everyone is a pony, and everyone chases butterflies! This pink hue has beautiful purple and pink holographic pearls, if your heart doesn’t melt with this shade, we don’t know what will!

 Mystical Mermaid: Be a mermaid and makes waves with this stunning blue shade is formulated with iridescent pink and silver pearls that give your pinkies an ocean-inspired holographic effect.

Dip your pinkies in this magnificent shade and blow some kisses!


Sunshine & Rainbows: Ain’t nothing wrong with bringing some sunshine in your life! Giving your tips a beautiful yellow holographic effect that has swirls of gold to it. We promise, your mani will shine brighter than the rainbows!

Sugar n Spice: This magical orange hue has all things nice with some sugar and spice! That gives your pinkies an orange-toned holographic effect thanks to the iridescent yellow and white pearls.

It’s like having the mystical sunset on your tips!

Here’s WHAT I THINK about the newest collection these MYSTICAL shades are fabulous for no doubt. But while looking at them all I could think of is that HOW similar they are looking to the (Like below image) Christian Louboutin Nail Polishes. In a way, Nykaa is efficiently using high-end inspired products and providing an not so expensive similar product. Thumbs Up!


Fun Fact – You can use the sharpy part of this Unicorn Potion Nail Polishes as UNICORN Horn.

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