Double Trouble with Urban Decay’s NEW Colored Mascara

Hi Divas! Today I have some really exciting to share with you guys – Something New, something Urban but first how about some Trouble? WINK! Well, look at that I rhymed up something and I am PROUD of that tiny achievement. Now, let’s go to the main part of this blog post. The high-end Beauty and Makeup Brand ‘URBAN DECAY’ is back at it after setting the temperature HOT with its #PetiteHeat NAKED Palette.

Product Info


This time Urban Decay has just doubled the excitement with it’s latest product which is Double Team Colored Mascara. The brand first released a sneak-peek image of FIVE shades of these colored mascaras a few hours back. Since then, Urban Decay’s social media pages have been flaunting the eye-looks that can be achieved by these ICONIC shades. Go ahead, take a look at the pictures, aren’t they just so f-ing CLASSIC.

These colorful babies will go on SALE on 15th of March in Canada according to the sources. And other locations like Mexico and Europe might get these pretty Double Team Mascara a little later.

Much cannot be said about these Double-sided Mascaras but it seems like one end of the product has a METALLIC tone and the other one is creamy. Urban Decay is known to bring in the next IT factor in the day-to-day makeup.


Have a look at some of the styles that have been worn by different women or I could just say, models. These Special Effect Mascara by Urban Decay are available in shades: Gonzo, Dime/Goldmine, Vice, Deep End and Junkshow. 

P.s. – I find quite an appeal in the names of the color shades. Thanks Fam for Reading and if you LIKE it click it or just COMMENT.

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