Soap Story by NYKAA Naturals

Yep, Nykaa just did it AGAIN!

Hello, my dear friends, how is your special V-Day week going? Well, mine is coming out to be kinda boring and also very busy. A lot of things are happening in the Beauty and Makeup Industry and I want to capture it all. To be honest, in the past 24 hours more than 10 major makeup product release has been announced. And here I am moving with a pace that’s even slower than the turtle itself.

But fear not my friends, I am running an ONE WOMEN SHOW here at CheekyDimplesBlog and StuffToTalk. I will do my freaking best to share all that’s trending in the beauty market. So just stay and enjoy all that stuff that I am about to share.

Nykaa, it started as an online web portal for beauty and skincare products but now it has successfully managed to transform itself into a HUGE brand. Falguni Nayar founded and I admire this lady so much because she is one of the best Entrepreneurs that India has ever witnessed. If you look at the strategic planning or the basic details of the product models under Nykaa, you’ll see the smart logic.

Products under Nykaa’s own brand are not entirely in the drugstore product range or in the luxury range. But they are just the medium ones that act like the missing link between the 2 portion. Guess what, the majority of customer opt for the medium range instead of going for the lowest or highest. Smart Move Ma’am!

This was a short yet kinda long backend story but moving on to the main part of the blog post. So, NYKAA just adds ANOTHER product to its range and this time it’s – Handmade Soaps. This launch was made a couple of hours ago at the official Nykaa mobile app.

Hand-churned Shea & Cocoa butter swirled with coconut and olive oil. Blended with natural essential oils cured into these 8 soap bars of complete handcrafted perfection…

Product Info

‘Nykaa Soap Story Handcrafted Bathing Bar’ is the name given to the newest addition of the Nykaa range. There are EIGHT variants of this Soap Story series but I expect more will be added soon. As the brand is known to keeping on adding new shades to its previous products also.

Folks you gotta stay tuned because this post has already become super long and I still need to explain those famous 8 variants of Nykaa’s handmade soaps. I repeat, do not worry I will be back with the post tomorrow.

Until then keep smiling and check out some of my previous REVIEWS of Natural and Organic beauty & skincare products.

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