Strengthening And Revitalising Shampoo by BEMA

Hi Cheeky-Talkers, lately I have been posting and reviewing a lot of skincare and beauty products. And in the midst of the lipsticks, lotions, and masks somehow the hair products left behind. A few weeks back I received some hair products samples in my goodie bag from Osiyan Beauty. So, let’s get into today’s review:


Product Info

Name – BEMA Strengthening & Revitalising Shampoo

Price – INR 1872 for 200ml

Texture – The sample looks to pretty to be opened up and used. Honestly, that’s the reason why I am so late in writing this review. But chill out fellas I am finally sharing my experience with the brand BEMA. I expected the texture to be creamy but it turned out to be more like a serum with kinda runny consistency. This shampoo has a medicated scent to it like those products which are chemical free and all. The serum-looking product is mostly clear but has a hint of yellow in it.


Application – Folks, I am not gonna teach how to wash your hair with shampoo. Because I am sure you guys know the steps. Let me share my story now, I washed my hear with this Bema shampoo over the weekend. And on weekend I give myself a pampering hair oil massage. So, I used this sample on my extremely oily hair and I wasn’t sure of the outcome. But you know what happened…(read below)


Performance – As said by the brand itself, this shampoo is specifically designed to strengthen hair straight from the roots. While looking at the picture you are going to notice that the language is not English in the sample. Yup, it’s a ‘Made in Italy’ brand that’s why. After the first (and the only wash) my hair felt normal no side effect noticed. But I felt some itchiness over some parts of my scalp. And also it washed off all oil from my hair so I think it’s safe to say that maybe people with dry hair might face some issue. This brand is introduced in Indis by Osiyan Beauty and I am not losing hope to find THAT perfect shampoo, you know. 😉


Do I recommend it? I DO, recommend to try out samples before making an expensive purchase of a single product.

Shelf Life – 3 years (but I recommend it finish a hair product within a year when opened)

Rating – To me it ranges between 3 to 4 as I did try it just once!

P.S. – Stay tuned there are more to be reviewed…

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