Jeffree Star’s New RED collection – ‘Valentine’s Day Special’

Everythings’s sooo RED! Yesterday Celebrity Youtube Sensation revealed his latest makeup collection on his youtube channel. Since then people can not keep calm and have been losing over their minds like me. This collection is all red and showcase LOVE as you know Valentine’s Day is couple of weeks away.


Known as the “Love Sick Collection” Jeffree Star made sure that fans will go crazy once the featured products came into light. This entire collection consists of the amazing Blood Sugar eye-shadow palette, two Star-shaped mirrors, three ‘new’ Lip Scrubs, three Lipsticks creams, four Liquid Lipsticks, a Holographic Red Makeup Bag and a red/pink MINI bundle. As usual, he is also launching some new yummy lip scrub flavours. It includes Cherry Soda, Candy Necklace and Chocolate Covered Strawberry (sounds delicious).


I think this whole collection showcases a lot of variety in products and introducing new shades with trending colors and shades. Have a look at the pictures folks, doesn’t this collection looks LOVEly (wink!). All the colors used in lipsticks and scrubs are shades of pinks and purple.


And how can we forget about all shiny and mighty red pouch with a Jeffree Star label at the front. LOVE ME cosmetics are making the beauty fanatics swoon (pretty sure these will be soon OUT OF STOCK). My favorite part is launch of a red/pink mini lip bundle. His brand has already launched a nude lip mini bundle and now it’s time for a more colourful option.


The Blood Sugar palette is Jeffree’s third that has packaging inspired by a doctor’s medical box. It consist’s of 18 super pigmented shades including three metallics, one foiled shade and a range of mattes and have two cute little medical symbol embossed. With both warm and cool toned shades with some exciting pops of colour.


New liquid lipstick shades come in a stunning new chrome red packaging with the same star design as other lipsticks. The lipstick shades include Romeo (a rose bright pink), Self control (muted lilac), Restraints (a metallic grey) and Problematic (a pure berry purple). As you can see these shades ain’t no typical nudes and we’re sucker for it.

The “Love Sick” collection will be available for purchase on the 10th of February, just four days before Valentines Day (Surprise!). You can either purchase Jeffree Star cosmetics products directly from the website or official Australian stockists.

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