Osiyan Beauty is here!

Lately, the beauty market has been flooded with tons of Organic brands launching their products that claims to be skin-friendly. So many choices just creates a hell lot of confusion to pick the right one for yourself. And today I am introducing to you a new name that might ring a bell to some and that is Osiyan Beauty.


I came across this brand around Christmas and by the time of New Year I recieved a sample box from Team Osiyan (Yep, super fast!). Let’s get to the main part which you guys have been waiting for i.e. what I got in the pink bag.


Osiyan beauty offer a wide range of beauty goodies for those looking to treat their skin with the care it deserves, by providing the customers with treatments made from only the best natural and organic ingredients. You will not find any unfriendly ingredients in Osiyan Beauty range.


Products Info

Looking at the pictures one thing that’s clear is that the packaging is GREAT infact I have never got products that are packed in such a secure way, quite professional I like it. To break it down in my bag was:


1 Full-sized product

2 Testers

5 samples 

and the brand’s pamphlet and card.


The presentation is what impressed me the most and I am VERY excited to further try out the products and share my review on Osiyan Beauty’s range.

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