Did You Hear about the New CHANEL Hand Cream?

Ever since the High-end Designer brand “Chanel” made the announcement about releasing their own Hand Creams, I was intrigued. So guys in this post we will be going through the details about this product.

As expected, Chanel gave the product a modern packaging that made it look like cute as a button and yet classy as ever. This pebble-shaped hand cream is known as LA CREME MAIN and fits perfectly in your palm. Chanel made sure to give their audience the very best thing as this cream is ‘Dermatologically Tested’.ย 


This 50ml pint-sized pod has a price tag of $50, I mean it’s Chanel (for God sake!). The brand describes this hand cream as a product that provides Anti-ageing Hand care. The cream nourish and rejuvenate the skin, making it more youthful and suppler. It also diminishes dark spots and beautifies nails and has comforting, delicately perfumed texture that is instantly absorbed.

I am indeed tempted to try out (as soon as possible ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) this newly launched product and then share my hands-on experience with you all. My hopes are high about this hand cream by Chanel as it is said to be really light and makes your nails stronger. Guys, I think it’s a thumbs-up you should give it a try as the pricing is not that over the top.

p.s. – What do you think of this hand cream – Thumbs-up or no?

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