Compressed Oil Therapy ft. Soulflower’s Olive Oil

It’s Therapy Time folks! Not literally though, I mean a therapy session for your body, skin and hair well especially HAIR. I rarely repeat by Hair Oils as I like to experiment with new ones and this is the most recent one.

SOULFLOWER – Fresh & Organic, 100% Vegan and Handmade is brand’s tagline. This oil falls in the category of Coldpressed Oil Therapy and has several benefits for skin & hair. 


Product Info

Name – Soulflower Oliver Carrier Oil (100% Pure & Vegan)

Price – INR 300 for 225 ml

Texture – While looking at the bottle, the liquid inside looks pure gold in its molten state. The packaging is simple yet classic and for sure is sturdy. The fragrance is mild but when sniffing it gave me an impression of something straight from the kitchen. Read on, to know what did is my rating of this Oil. 😉

Application – Now, this oil is not just for hair but it has a ton of other usage as well. It can be used on nails, body, lips etc. for getting the roughened areas smooth. I would not recommend it to use daily on hair as it has a thick consistency and it’s hard to remove it completely in one wash. I myself use it just once in a week and that too on weekends.

Performance – My experience with this oil has been quite good. As I have noticed more silkiness and shine in my hair after just using it for a month. This is an oil for deep conditioning so make sure to put it in your hair and leave it overnight. It’s worth giving a try as it is authentic olive oil and vegan too!

Do I recommend it? Yes, I think it is a MUST try product as it does not have any side-effect to it.

Shelf Life – Use within 6 months of opening

Rating – 4.5 out of 5

Want to try it, buy it from here –

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