Sweet Ocean by Natural BATH & BODY – Recommended or Not?

I absolutely LOVE Body Mists, Do you too? I will be honest with you guys my loyalty s with VS. Yes! Victoria’s Secret is what I am talking about and I have already reviewed 3 different Body Mists by VS. And till now I have reviewed Love Spell, Amber Romance and Aqua Kiss (You should check them out). ๐Ÿ˜‰

But today, it’s all about this Body Mist by the brand Natural Bath & Body in the variant ‘Sweet Ocean’.

Product Info

Nameย โ€“ Natural Bath and Body ‘Sweet Ocean’ Body Mist

Priceย โ€“ INR 325 for 200 ml

Applicationย โ€“ As it is a Body Mist so the good time to apply it would be right after shower to put some light. According to me, do not put it on your face as I have seen on youtube do it and hurt their eyes.

Performanceย โ€“ The fragrance is light and surely is a splash of tranquility. The packaging is basic and sturdy but I feel like it should cost below 300 bucks. The smell loses it’s appeal after the initial 2 hours so yeah so that good. I don’t think I would ever buy this product again, it’s not enough unique for me. Also, I got this in my Glamego Subscription box.

Do I recommend it? Well it’s upto you as it is a pocket-friendly product with a decent fragrance. Neither a YES nor a NO from my side.

Shelfย Lifeย โ€“ 18 months (I recommend to use it within few months)

Ratingย โ€“ It’s a decent 3 out of 5.

Want to try it, buy it from here โ€“

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