The Nature’s Co – ‘Vanilla & Vitamin E’ Face Cream


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Now, let’s move on to today’s review without further ado. So, I received this product in my previous Glamego Box, it’s NOT a full-sized product but rather a sample. 😉

Nature’s Co believes that nature is a way of life. Here, a strict adherence to the ‘all natural’ way persists. The products contain the natural ingredients that are against animal cruelty, vegan and of best quality from across the globe.



Name – Vanilla-Vitamin E Face Cream by The Nature’s Co

Price – INR 550 for 25 ml

Texture – The consistency of the cream is just perfect, I have to admit it’s neither oily nor sticky…just accurate. The color is somewhat a darker shade of beige and has a strong aroma of cocoa butter. I absolutely loved the fragrance of this cream, it’s the kind of sweetness I look for and that is EXTRA sweet. 🙂


Application – It is a face cream and make sure before you apply this cream your face should be free of any kind of makeup. So wash your face and then apply an appropriate amount of this cream. I think in winters the Face Cream is a MUST step in the face-care routine.

Performance – I will be bruttaly honest with you guys I absolutely HATED this product. I don’t know why but by applying this cream once just ONCE on my face, I got my face covered from breakouts and further formed into Acne. I do have combination skin but a product never did this to my face. So, I tried the cream again after 2 weeks and the same freaking thing happened to me again. It didn’t suit me at all folks. But if you want to try it go ahead check it out I have even added the LINK above for you to see.

Do I recommend it? No, I don’t because it’s hella expensive and it doesn’t even work further mess-up with your face.


Shelf Life – 2 years

Rating –  1 out of 5 (just for the fragrance)

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