Peppermint & Black Seed Lip Polish by INATUR


Yo Folks! Today I am going to review a brand new product that has just been introduced and this is the second product from the Brand Inatur that I will be using and share my experience on it.

Inatur brings a rare combination of precious herbs and science and puts our knowledge of Ayurveda to use, at affordable prices because we truly believe everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful in their own special way. Inatur gives you beauty remedies that fit your budget.



Name – INATUR Volcanic Peppermint Lip Polish

Price – INR 300 for 10gm

Texture – It’s a gel with perfect consistency, you know not too thick or too thin. And it smells like Pepperminty Freshness and it does have a strong scent to it that can refresh the hell out of you 😉 Inatur does provide good packaging but this tiny box just steps up the game, just check out the pictures and you’ll know what I mean. This product also contains a mini spatula which I love (I’ve got a thing for miniatures!) and it speaks good quality.


Application – Now, think of this product as a cleanser for your lips which is a necessary requirement. Because applying layer after layer of lipsticks can take away the natural moisture that our lips require. Do not mix it with Lip Scrubs as both are different scrubs are mostly solid and polishes are in gel or liquid form.

Performance – I used it before going to bed so that it can set properly and I can see if it actually works or not. The first step is to make sure that your lips are clean i.e. free of all lip products like lipsticks. Use wipes or your regular routine, once your lips are clean apply a thin layer with spatula or fingertips and gently massage to remove dead skin/flakes and moisturize your lips at the same time. There’s is no need to wash it off, you can go to sleep wearing it.

Do I recommend it? This Lip Polish consists the goodness of Apricot, Peppermint, and Castor oils (Duh!) YES, I absolutely do because it is a MUST have product if you are a lipstick hoarder who loves to try different shades of lipstick. 😉


Shelf Life – 2-3 years

Rating – A 4.5 out of 5 (To see if it’s good for the long run)



(INATUR also have a variant of Orange & Cinnamon Sugar lip polish. Let me know your thoughts in the COMMENTS if you want me to review it for you all!)

p.s. – Don’t forget to let me know IF you love it as much as I did, by clicking that LIKE button.  🙂  Many people are confused about the difference in Lip Scrubs and Lip Polish, just let me know and I will do a sperate post comparing the two. 

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