Charcoal DETOX Cream by INATUR

Hello, there Gorgeous people! Did you took advantage of Black Friday sale and offers that were all over the internet, on every brand I tell you. I am asking this because I did find some great deals online and you guys will be able to see it as soon as they get delivered (I promise!). Recently, I received some products from INATUR for reviewing purpose and I had my eye on this brand as I have heard some amazing things about their products so let’s put their products to test 😉

Natural Beauty Skincare for everyone! Inatur brings a rare combination of precious herbs and science and puts our knowledge of Ayurveda to use, at affordable prices because we truly believe everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful in their own special way. Inatur gives you beauty remedies that fit your budget.


Product Info

Name – INATUR Charcoal Detox Cream

Price – INR 450 for 125 gm

Texture – It’s a thick density cream in charcoal grey color, that to me looks exactly like molten clay and its mild pure earthy fragrance to it. The product is packaged well in a sturdy tub with a plastic covering over it, nice & tidy no chance of leakage. IMG_20171126_135401.jpg

Application – You know the routine folks, clean your face with lukewarm water or you can even use face cleanser before applying the cream as I do. Remember to PAT your face dry not RUB, now I recommend to only use it before going to sleep. Because it may make you look like a ZOMBIE with all that grey skin. 😉

Performance – As you guys might know I have combo skin i.e. a weird mix of oily and dry skin that’s why not all products suit me. BUT this cream is AWESOME (I repeat Awesome!) from the past few days mainly due to the NCR pollution, my skin was acting up real bad and nothing was working for my face. Then I used it before going to sleep doing some massage, also I did feel a slight tingling sensation near my nose a.k.a. the blackhead area. In the morning I washed my face with usual cleanser and TA-DA! a glowy complexation was staring right back at me in the mirror.

Do I recommend it? A big fat YES, I do because this cream made me believe in magic. (Just Kidding or maybe Not 🙂 )


Shelf Life – 24 months

Rating – It’s a 10 on 10 product for me! (’cause it works miracles)

You should try it, buy it from here – LINK


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p.s. – I have one more product from INATUR (Hint – It’s a Lip Product!) and don’t forget to let me know IF you love it as much as I did, by clicking that LIKE button.  🙂 

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