Glamisha Face Wash with MULBERRY extract

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GLAMISHA – Glamorous You! A lot of people might be aware of this brand and for a long time, I too wanted to try out their products and review for you guys as many of you asked me to share my honest opinion on this brand.

So, folks, CheekyDimplesBlog and Glamisha are collaborating together which means I will be sharing my thoughts and experience with different products that Glamisha offers. Their team has already sent 3 products which I will be reviewing separately in my blog posts.

In today’s post, we will be talking in detail about Glamisha’s Face Wash let’s start the review-


Glamisha is made from a team of talented people with big ideas and creative minds, who are really working hard to bring Luxury Beauty & Personal Care Products to you. All their product have pure ingredients, essential oils and extract, are used to make our product highly effective and yet gentle.


Product Info

Name – Glamisha Face Wash with MULBERRY & LICORICE extract

Price – INR 350 for 100 ml

Texture – The gel is light blue in color and is clear with no granules in it. The packaging though had me SHOOK, the minimalist design with a dash of color is simple yet sophisticated. It’s all matte exterior with clear front, nothing crowded (as you can see in the pictures), whereas the fragrance feels mild and a bit nostalgic.


Application – As I was already impressed with the packaging, my expectation high for the product. As mentioned at the back of the face wash, first wash your face with warm water. Then take a small amount of gel on your palm and massage in the circular motion onto your face, make some lather and wash it off.

Performance – Mulberry is known to contain vitamin richness that hydrates the skin. After the first use, my skin felt Radiant, like a natural glow and as claimed the formula was to fight away the dry & flaky skin. It surely did because my face was moisturized and there was no need to apply any lotion or cream after using it.

Do I recommend it? Yes, I do because this face wash is not just limited to a particular skin type and can be used by all and also it starts to show results from the very first use.


Shelf Life – 2 years

Rating – 4.5 out of 5 (’cause I need to see effect of long-term use)

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