Orange Lipstick or Pink Lip-Stain?

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Xpression lipstick range from Blue Heaven gives you the opportunity to make your lips look lavish with these attractive lip colors.


Product Info

Name – Blue Heaven Xpression Lipstick

Price – INR 125 for 4 gm

Shade – 100 Orange Natural


Texture – The lipstick feels smooth to apply and the packaging of the tube is decent but kind of Vintage with all that Golden Theme going on.

Application – I know, you might be thinking (we know how to apply a damn lipstick) but first hear me out. The skin of your lips is 8 times more sensitive so it’s important to maintain a lip-care routine. The first step is to exfoliate to remove all dead cells further avoiding the chances of forming chunks of skin. It’s best to apply some kind of balm or essential oil when applying Matte Lipsticks as they tend tendency to dry. 😉


Performance –  I had my thoughts on the quality of the lipstick because of it’s really low pricing. When I ordered it I expected it to be in the shade of orange but the one is received gives a light pinkish shade. To be honest I like this product as a Lip Stain as it gives natural pink color to the lips (Kiss Ready Lips!) but not as an orange lipstick. If you are inspired by the Korean lip trend this is the product that you need to try out.

Shelf Life – I recommend using lipstick within 2 years

Rating – A decent 4 out of 5

P.S. – Unfortunately, there are 24 shades available in this Lipstick range but today I’ll be providing the description of only 1 shades which I’ve selected from my personal choice. So, if you want more shades reviewed by me so let me know by your COMMENTS below

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