Rice Mask from The Face Shop ‘Real Nature’ series [Mask No. 2]

Are you a skin-care enthusiast? Great me too! You have come to the right place and in today’s review, we will be talking about a K-Beauty product. 🙂

IMG_20171017_160428Product Info #1

Name – The Face Shop Real Nature Face Mask Rice

Price – INR 100 for a single sheet mask

Texture – It’s a translucent sheet mask with holes for your eyes, nose, and mouth. The mask has slits on the side to adjust according to one’s face. This sheet mask is folded and is drenched with the essence of rice which is a clear gel with the consistency of the serum gel.

Application – Open the packet from the top carefully and take out the folded mask slowly as it is dripping in serum. Now, unfold the mask and look closely at the hole for the nose because that will indicate from which side should you put the mask on your face and then adjust the sheet with your fingers.

Performance – Rice is known for it’s brightening effect and yes, this mask does give you the instant GLOW. It works by removing the dark skin that forms due to the clogging up of dead cells but if you are looking for something to remove your acne scars you should try a cream rather than sheet mask. I recommend using this mask before you go to sleep so that the essence can work its magic.

Shelf Life – I recommend using it with few months

Rating – A decent 4 out of 5

P.s. – They are 8 MORE masks to review so stay tuned guys and COMMENT what’s your favorite sheet-mask.

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