A Timepiece from Titan RAGA Aurora series

Hey Everyone, today we will be talking about TIME or you can say time-pieces and let’s begin without wasting much time 😉


Product Info

Name – TITAN Raga Aurora 95043WM01J Analog Watch

Strap Material – Metal

Dial Shape – Round

Dial Colour – Mother Of Pearl

Strap Colour – Rose Gold

Type – Analog



Price – INR 12,995

Rating – A decent 4 out of 5

My Thoughts – This watch is pure feminine and the rose gold color combination with a pearl frame just adds more sparkle to its crystals. Aurora collection is known for it’s Victorian-Era inspired looks making it more of a choice for mothers in the house (I Guess!).


Thank You for Reading Everyone and let me know your thoughts in COMMENTS down below.

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