Brushes to complete all your Makeup tasks by Nykaa *Newly Launched Product*

Hello, everyone!!! This is the fifth and the final product that has been launched at the MEGA Launch Event by NYKAA under its own brand name. Today’s blog post we will be getting into the details of series of the Makeup BRUSHES for all that blending, contouring, touch-up etc.

Nykaa brush set.jpg

Product  – Nykaa BlendMaster Oval Brush Set

Price – INR 6190 (Original MRP)

Brush set.jpeg

Variety – So, this is interesting that Nykaa is introduced not only a WHOLE Oval Brush Set BUT also are selling brushes separating as per their operations like categorizing the tools i.e. Highlighting,  contouring, blushing, blending, foundation, eye-shadow, etc. And these single makeup brushes cost ranges from 399 Rupees from INR 1099.


My thoughts – The idea of bringing singular brushes into the e-retailer game is amazing because let’s be honest I personally don’t think that spending 6K for a 10 piece makeup brush set is productive. So, yes you now have the option to make single brush purchases according to your need.

Also, I just wanted to clarify that these 5 posts on Nykaa newly Launched Products are NOT SPONSORED and I am writing these posts as per my observations and if I did collaborate with any major brand I will let know guys know 😉 like I did when I received some AWESOME products from NYASSA which were from their series of ‘Lily of the Valley‘ :-

  1. Hand-made Soap – LINK
  2. Lightweight Body Lotion – LINK

Thank you So much for Reading everyone!!!


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