I think Vedantika Herbals “Facial Scrub” is…

What’s up you guys, the weekend’s finally here and I couldn’t be more excited than I already am, wanna know WHY? POPxo’s BFF Fest is here people and as Influencer at Plixxo which is powered by POPxo, it is my DUTY to be there and have lots and lots and lots of FUN. By the way, if you want me to write about this POPxoBff fest just let me know by your COMMENTS and I’ll share my experience with you all with pictures too 😉

IMG_20171006_211237_HDR.jpgNow, let’s move on to the main part which is today’s review. As you might know, a few days back TestnReview.in a campaign for Vedantika Herbals and guess what I got selected to win a free sample from this brand. And today the sample arrived by post, first I was like ‘who wrote me a letter?’ but then I realized it’s the product that I will be reviewing next.

IMG_20171006_211341_HDR.jpgProduct Info

Name – Vedantika Herbals Facial Scrub

Price – INR 40 for 5 g/0.17 oz

Texture – The power is yellow in color with a mix-n-match of tiny black and white granules in it. But the smell is very strong, it’s like a fusion of turmeric, garlic, and chilies to ME and the packaging seems simple and sober but good to hold the product in it too so that no leakage can occur.

IMG_20171006_211611_HDR.jpgApplication – You have options to mix the powder with milk, curd, and water I personally used Rose-water to create the paste. The paste feels really natural while applying and giving you that DESI smell as well.

Performance – It’s hard to judge some products by just using once but I did notice that my skin felt clean and clear that means the dead cells were removed in an organic and non-harmful way. I strongly feel that it’s a MUST try product because it won’t cause any kind of reaction ’cause it got no chemicals at all 🙂

Shelf Life – 18 months

Rating – 4.5 out of 5

P.S. – I can’t wait to participate in more TnR Campaigns 


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