*Newly Launched Product* Alternative of Beauty Blender by NYKAA

Hi to all Makeup Lovers, this blog post features the details of the 3rd product that has been recently launched by Nykaa itself under its very own brand name, let’s get started then, shall we?


Product #1 – Nykaa BlendMaster All-Rounder Makeup Perfecting Sponge


Product #2 – Nykaa BlendMaster Sculpting Makeup Sponge

Colors – Pink, Orange, Purple & Green (for both)

Price – INR 425 (for both)

My thoughts – I think it will be a very successful makeup tool because the beauty blender costs 2000 bucks and that’s a lot of money to spend on a piece of sponge and that also a tiny one. Nykaa is known to deliver quality products so I think this product can the named the most affordable blending tool, taking in the terms of the brand as well.

P.S. – THREE down and TWO more to go, so stay tuned for the upcoming articles on NYKAA’s 5 newly launched products with details. 


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