Empties of the Months [September Edition]

Whats Up guys, I have decided to start something NEW you know to keep things interesting 😉 So I have decided to do an EMPTIES article at the end of the month that will feature the review (main points) of the products that I have used and finished in that particular month.

I do have a STRONG feeling that you all are going to like this category as it is something RARE and not many people are creating posts like this.

IMG_20170929_214229Product #1 – Aroma Magic Neem & Tea Tree Face wash (detailed review – LINK )

Product #2 – Biotique Bio Bhringraj ( Therapeutic Oil for Falling Hair ) – A decent hair oil product somewhat effective, I will use it if I couldn’t find a better option.

Product #3 – Kronokare Provencal Lavender Glycerine Soap ( detailed review – LINK )

IMG_20170929_214211.jpgProduct #4 – Biotique Bio Margosa Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – No, I’m not going to use this product ever again because it made my hair so sooo dry and with NO shine at all.

Product #5 –  [ Dermatologist Recommended ] Boericke & Tafel Neem Face Wash ( detailed review –LINK )

Thank you for Reading everyone!!!

And if you liked this MONTHLY EMPTIES EDITION, let me know ppl by your COMMENTS 🙂 




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