Expectation vs Reality – Long Coat Edition

The breeze is starting to get chilly and we can’t wait for the winter to hit us with those Hot Chocolate drinks, comfy blankets, and trendy Fur jackets. So, today I’ll be sharing my experience of ordering a solid-winter Long coat from an online shopping site.

The reasons why I bought this Long Coat  – first it’s black (who doesn’t love the black color), it has cheetah print on the inside, it’s got a hoodie that also with fur on it and last but not the least were those buttons (I think they are called Eskimos buttons).

This clothing item is from the Brand Liebemode and I ordered it from JABONG.com. What do you think about the product shown in the picture and the one that I received?

Well, I am quite satisfied with the product that I received because of the quality better than what I expected from a foreign brand so I would say it’s a Thumbs-up product for me.

Rating – 7.5 out of 10 (because it could be better in terms of size and fit.)

Thank you for reading guys and if you like it let me know by your COMMENTs 😉


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