When I ordered SHOES from KOOVS [First Time]

Remember when a few weeks back everyone was so hyped about the trend of big and wide “White Soles”… well, I remember cause I end up ordering 2 pairs of the white sole shoes from a well-known online shopping website KOOVS (you know it!).

In this article, I will be writing about only 1 pair because I don’t want to confuse you all as both the shoes are VERY different from one another in the terms of style, looks, and color. ๐Ÿ™‚

Koovs.com is said to be creating internationalย looks for the Indian market audience at an affordable price mostly focusing on recreating the runway and designer pieces.

Product Info

Brandย โ€“ KOOVS (brand itself…)

Productย โ€“ Green printed exotic Slip-On shoes (white-sole)

Typeย โ€“ Beachwear (kinda)

Fromย โ€“ KOOVS (an online shopping site)

Priceย โ€“ Original price was INR 1199 (quite decent!)

Reviewย โ€“ This pair was from the Men’s section, I ordered it as a present and YES, he loved these shoes. The size was a perfect fit and the slipons were really comfortable to walk it also, they looked so COOL (As described by him!)

Thank you all so much for reading !!!

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