Which Eyebrow personality you have? [Pick a No.]

Hey there beautiful people, first thing first ‘I am sorry’ because my posts weren’t as regular as they should be as I have been selected by an Indian Blogging platform called TestnReview as a Fashion Blogger for reviewing various clothing, skincare and makeup brands.

That’s why I wasn’t able to divide my time among all these activities but now it’s KINDA sorted and Thank you for bearing this with me 🙂

Moving on, as you guys know in the past few days Instagram have shown us some pretty weird Eyebrow Trends so to let’s do something FUN. Now, choose any Number eyebrow style from below image (let me know in COMMENT what no. you chose) and read further down what that tells about your Personality:Viral Eyebrow trends

  1. The Natural Arch Brow means the you try to keep it causual but the slight arch curve shows your interest in fashion.
  2. The On Fleek Brow this trend shows that you always want to show your best side at all occasions and be known as pretty perfect.
  3. The Braided Brow tells that you have a creative approch towards life and are good in all kinds of braiding.
  4. The Blade Cut Brow means you have a edgy side to your personality who are not afraid to take risks.
  5. The Feature Brow shows you have the ability to create art from anything around you.
  6. The Ponytail Brow tells that you are not so sure about what suits you but try effortlessly.
  7. The Wavy Brow means you have noddle arms and you embrace the flaws with a sense of humor.
  8. The Octo-Brow tells that you have taken your love for fashion and beauty to the next level even possible to the next Dimension.

p.s. – Hit LIKE if you will try any of these Eyebrow trend or ALL 😉  

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