Silly People’s Silly T-shirt ;)

Hello again Fashionistas !!!

Today I’ll be sharing you my First Impressions about the brand Silly People which offers unique apparel, for both men & women who value their versatility, style, and comfort (acc. to the brand).

I personally like their range of t-shirts so I ended up ordering one for myself. Did I like it? Hell Yeah!!! 

I mean, I’M SO FANCY printed in varsity-style Block Letters and the best part is it has slits on both sides and goes really well with some High-waisted pants. I ordered this T-shirt online for around INR 900 actually Im thinking about trying out a Shirt from Silly people so STAYTUNED for the next blog.

p.s. – I’ll start posting pictures of myself wearing the clothing in these kind of posts if we can get some LIKE on this one. 😉

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