Carlton London Boots (Cheetah UGGs)

Hey there guys, I think it’s time that I start sharing my WARDROBE with you all (not literally though!). I mean by sharing my reviews on apparel, footwear, and accessories that I own with first impressions of well-known brands including international names as well.

CARLTON LONDON is a UK Based Brand offering exciting Fashion and Accessories for men, women, and children.The Brand first established in the East End of London in 1992, specializing in trendy wear for the fashion conscious People and continues to be a part of a  signature collection. Luxurious and sophisticated, Carlton’s shoes are beautifully designed in each season’s key styles. 

Winter is Coming, they say……so how about we begin with some Boots then,

Product Info

Brand – Carlton London

Product – Ankle-length Boots (Flat-sole)

Type – Cheetah-print Ugg

From – Jabong (an online shopping site)

Price – Original price was around 2500 (INR) but I got them for 2000 bucks on discount.

Review – These boots are really soft and comfortable to walk in sadly as I bought them when winter was almost over so I didn’t get the chance to try out the warmth but I think they’re gonna rock this season. Also, who doesn’t love UGGs.

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