Affordable Luxuries (Yes, please)

Hello fashionistas, recently I came across a youtube video on elaborating How to LOOK rich on a BUDGET so here I am introducing a new category “Affordable Luxury” which will mainly feature high-end Designer brands cheaper lookalikes and where to get them. Links will always be mentioned and I’ll try my best to search for the most authentic sites and places for these items.

Let’s get this party started with a well-known brand GUCCI, this post will one of the brand’s famous classic handbag. You know, the one with the huge metal Snake Buckle.

Yesterday, I was scrolling through handbags on Jabong (an online shopping website) and saw this Black Beauty staring back at me. Gucci Dupe

The original MRP of the bag was INR 3870 but currently, it’s available at a great discount of 40% i.e., INR 2322 (rupees). Personally, I think this is one heck of a deal I mean a Designer lookalike for around 2000 bucks.

There are 2 color variants available right now:-

  1. BLACK – link
  2. PURPLE – link

I am hoping that this category will be LIKED as much as the Fake vs Real one, if not more. 😉

P.S. – What color do you think I should buy? 

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