KronoKare Miniatures Review


Spoiler Alert – At the bottom of the blog I’ll be mentioning my exclusive Discount code.

This review is about the KronoKare products which are best known to be FREE of paraben, sulphate, mineral oil and silicone to provide the best of nature’s care to your sensitive skin and delicate hair.

IMG_20170613_175820_HDRProduct Info #1

Name – KronoKare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel

Price – INR 110 for 30 ml (Deluxe size)

Texture – The consistency of the white gel is neither too thick nor too runny, it does have a strong ginger smell which lasts for a decent 2-3 hours period.

Application – Bubble it up, Double it up & wash for a while but don’t forget to smile to get the freshness and glow back in no time.

Performance – It balances the pH level of your skin as it’s all organic and does not contain any chemicals. My skin feels hydrated and feels less need to apply moisturizer and that’s pretty good.

Packaging – Comes in see-through tinted plastic bottles with simplistic sturdy design and perfect flip-up travel-friendly containers.

Shelf Life – 23 Months

Rating – 4 out of 5

IMG_20170614_095259Product Info #2

Name – KronoKare Provencal Lavender Glycerine Soap

Price – INR 85 for 30 gm (Deluxe size)

Texture – This rosy coloured glycerine gives a refreshing feel to your Bath experience and has a mild Lavender fragrance which lasts throughout the day.

Application – Massage onto wet skin, then raise your chin because today is going to be a Win-Win day for you.

Performance – As it’s made by purest natural ingredients, it don’t make your skin go all dry like every other basic soap. It’s a win-win situation here, if you are into earthy organic stuff.

Packaging – The slab is kinda a miniature due to the fact as its deluxe size, but it’s packaging is actually cute.

Shelf Life – 23 Months

Rating – 4.5 out of 5

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