MK to acquire Jimmy Choo in $1.2 Billion Deal (Points to Note)

As stated by CEO of the American Fashion company, Michael Kors is focusing to develop the name totally into a “Luxury Brand Group”, this goal will be accomplished by conducting a series of High-end Brand acquisitions. Recently, MK has offered a Billion Dollar Deal for taking over the well-known Designer Brand Jimmy Choo (hit LIKE if you love Heels).

Michael Kors

The Retail Industry is trying to move forward while coping with the upcoming changes in the e-commerce sector, which currently have a larger audience online rather than in physical offline stores.

It would be wrong to say that the deal came Out of the Blue, as a few months back Kate Spade took over Luxury Brand Coach in a $2.4 Billion Deal. As observed by experts of many High-end Brands these acquisitions is the ultimate solution to be at the top of the game.


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