Warpaint for International Lipstick Day 

Lips, often considered to be the most Sexy and Sensual body part by a majority of people. I am not talking about the 21st century people here, but the ones from few centuries back.
Yep ! That’s true, the technique of lip  colouring goes way back to the time of Cleopatra well even before the Egyptian Queen (technically). 

LIPSTICK has seen many Era of evolution from mid 1900s “Victory Red” to “Plum Tangerine” to “Barbie Pink” of early 2000s to the freaking UNICORN glittering trend of the 2017.

Warpaint, Confidence Booster, Hint of Sexy ….all these various characteristics found in the versatile nature of Lipcolors varying from Nude Glossy colours to Dark Matte finish shades.


This year every Brand is celebrating the Day with eye-popping offers like MAC decided to step up the game by giving out FREE LIPSTICKS (sadly not in India) but here Nykaa, India’s Top Online Makeup Destination has got my back by having a discount of 25% Flat on all Brands including International as well as Premium ones (Ofcourse I’ve ordered already). 🙂 

P.S. – The picture is of me trying out International Brand Manna Kadar Priming Lipstick shade – Serenity, its all organic and is available in USA.

Thanks again for reading and follow me if you think it’s good. Comment down below to let me know your favourite shade of Lipstick.

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