Truth behind Hair Myths

I am a brunette with medium length of fine straight hair so I know what it’s like to tirelessly search the whole World Wide Web to find ways to get some volume, length and shine to my hair. While searching a tumbled upon many and many hair-care tips, routines and mostly Myths.

Here, I present to you Hair Myths that happen to be True and few turned out to be False:-

  • Sunburnt Scalp leads to Hairloss – Yes, it can because sunburnย delicate Hair follicles present at root level. That’s why is always recommended to cover your head to avoid direct sunlight.
  • Hairfall by brushing thinning Hair – Nope, as long as you brush your hair using gentle motion and good quality brushes they’ll be fine. But remember excessive brushing can lead to damage.
  • Bleach hair by Lemon Juice – This is a tricky one, as this natural works on Blonde hair shades but not on Dark coloured hair also it varies from person to person.
  • Same Shampoo can’t be used for more than 3 months – Nope, there is no scientific evidence that hair become immune to shampoo after few months because hair are made from dead cells.
  • Texture of Hair will be remain same – Nope, texture of hair changes under various circumstances like to climate, health problems, pregnancy etc.


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