Now get ready like Disney Princess with “Rose shaped Brushes”

First came the those fancy Rose-gold Oval makeup brushes then the multi-coloured Unicorn ones after that the Fish-shaped brushes were plaguing over instagram and now the Beauty Gurus can’t wait to show off their makeup skills with these gorgeous Rose shaped Makeup brushes.

Looks like magic is still in the air because the latest trends are all seemed to inspire from the mythical power and creatures like Unicorns, Mermaids and something other sparkly. The vibes I am getting while looking at these Beauty tools are ofcourse that of Disney Princesses….delicate, precious and kinda forbidden (Not really though!)

Storybook Cosmetics is the saviour the one who is helping to fulfill this magical fantasy by making a set of 4 Rose themed affordable makeup brushes available online by the early Spring. So for now please yourself with Teasers.

P.S.- Who’s your favourite Disney Princess anyway ??? Mine is Cinderalla…..

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