Boots that go way HIGH

The year 2017 is proving itself to be the year of some very strange, weird and kinda funny fashion trends that the celebrities are starting just for the sole purpose of trying to stay unique in the glamor industry and some of them just go too far in their attempt TO BE THE ONE….

And that’s what happened with the newly entitled supermodel Kendall Jenner (a member of the infamous Kardashian clan), in the end of the month April the reality TV star posted a fashionista picture of herself on her Instagram account and that photo my friend made everyone talk about Kendall’s unusual sense of fashion as the boots she was wearing were high and I mean waaayyyy high!!!

You might be wondering What the hell are those ?? Who made them ?? Are they designer ?? Can they be ordered online ?? Why these ?? Are they called shoes or boots ?? Just Relax because I got you covered, here is everything you ever need to know about the HIGH boots.

So, these are “Vetements & Manalo Bhahnik Satin Boots” which are Designer (as you might have already guesses by the name) apparently popstar and R&B singer Rihanna had wore them too. These boots are known to be Hand-made, which only makes them more sense as they are priced for a cost whooping cost of $4590 only. Also, if anyone other than a celebrity wants to buy these work of art, go ahead and order these boots online at NET-A-PORTER’s official website.

Celebrities around the world keep on trying to make a new as well as unique fashion statement everyday so its likely to make a blunder once in a while but these fashion disasters are what keeps us going RIGHT ???

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